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Path To Homeownership

Path To


Buying a new home is likely the biggest financial decision your family will ever make and it can be a little overwhelming. At Grant, we want your homebuying experience to be fun and exciting. What sets us apart from other builders is our desire to keep our homebuyers in the loop every step of the way. From the pre-construction meeting to the Design Studio Appointment to your final Homeowner’s Acceptance, we will be there to guide you through the process. Your Grant sales representative will be your go-to contact for questions and concerns during the construction phase of your new home. You will be meeting with the Builder on several stages of construction including pre-construction, frame stage, homeowners’ orientation and homeowners’ acceptance. Our professional design team will guide you through the thousands of options and upgrades in our Design Studio to make sure your dream home is uniquely yours. And, your Grant sales representative will give you regular updates on the progress of your home throughout the entire process.

Grant & Co. has been building new homes throughout the Mid-South for over 75 years.  We know a thing or two about guiding homebuyers along the path to homeownership with as few obstacles as possible – After all, our mission is to build quality homes that exceed our homebuyers expectations.  We would love to show you the way to owning a new Grant home.

  1. Check out the Grant website
  2. Visit one of our beautifully furnished model homes
  3. Choose your home and home site or an available finished house
  4. Obtain mortgage approval
  5. Write purchase agreement
  6. Celebrate! You have chosen your new Grant house!
  7. Design center selection day
  8. Pre-construction meeting with your builder
  9. Building permit received
  10. Construction begins - Some you will see; some you will not
  11. Weekly progress reports begin
  12. Frame stage walk with your builder
  13. Utilities connected
  14. Check with your mortgage lender
  15. Construction is complete
  16. Quality inspection
  17. Homeowner orientation
  18. Homeowners Acceptance
  19. Closing - You get your keys!
  20. Review us on Google Reviews! If you like what we did, tell someone! If not, tell us!
  21. Your builder warranty stats now
  22. You get to move in and enjoy your home
  23. Make a friend a neighbor! Refer friends and family to Grant New Homes

I wanted you to know that we heard the alarms to the EF2 tornado this past weekend as it came through the Lewisburg area. My family and I squeezed Into the hall pantry of our Grant home. Then suddenly, the roar of the “train” came by and the winds were so strong it caused windows and blinds to shake. It was a terrible feeling and intense moment. I wondered if the tornado would cause our house to come apart or have significant damage In the neighborhood. When it went silent, all of the neighbors began checking on each other. We are amazed at the little damage that the homes received being so close to the path of destruction. Many of the homeowners including myself are very satisfied with the quality of the construction! It was devastating to see the home 1/2 mile up the road. I want to thank you Keith for the quality of the homes you are building, and I would like to thank Scott again for selling my wife on buying a Grant home! Daniel Shing