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What Do Home Buyers Really Want in 2023

July 19, 2023

According to Fixr.com’s latest home features analysis, 97% of industry experts agree that natural light is either important or very important this year.

With a focus on functionality, usable outdoor space remains another important feature this year, followed by kitchen islands, both with 60% of experts saying the features are very important.

Laundry rooms rank No. 4 in top features for 2023, according to 94% of experts who say the feature is important or very important. Experts are seeing a trend of laundry rooms being placed elsewhere in the home other than basements or near kitchens.

Ranking No. 5 in top home features this year is an energy-efficient HVAC system. Due to remote work and rising energy costs, 81% of experts agree that an energy-efficient HVAC system is top of mind for homeowners this year.

A continuing trend that emerged during the pandemic, home offices remain a top feature in 2023, with 94% of experts believing the feature is important or very important.

Rising from a bottom trend in 2022, swimming pools rank highly among homeowners this year, according to industry experts. In 2022, experts marked swimming pools as unimportant, while in 2023 85% think the added feature is important or very important.

Extra storage or a spare bedroom were both considered very important by 50% of experts. The two features allow for flexibility and additional organization capabilities.

Also, electric vehicle chargers are top of mind, with 67% believing the feature is important or very important - or will be in the future.

At Grant, we pay attention to what our home buyers tell us, incorporating their ideas into every new house plan we develop.  

Other top home features for 2023, according to industry experts, include:

  • Home security;
  • Smart home accessories;
  • Insulation;
  • Electric appliances and HVAC.

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