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Tips for Pet-Proofing Your New Home

July 13, 2020

When you bring your pets into your new home, there are some things that need to be done to keep your fur babies safe and secure.   Here’s how to keep your companion animal safe in your home:


  • Use childproof latches to keep little paws from prying open cabinets
  • Place medications, cleaners, chemicals, and laundry supplies on high shelves
  • Keep trash cans covered or inside a latched cabinet
  • Check for and block any small spaces, nooks, or holes inside cabinets or behind washer/dryer units
  • Make sure your kitten hasn’t jumped into the dryer before you turn it on – they are so curious!
  • Keep foods out of reach (even if the food isn’t harmful, the wrapper could be)
  • Keep the toilet lid closed to prevent drowning or drinking of harmful cleaning chemicals


  • Place dangling wires from lamps, televisions, radios and telephones out of reach
  • Put away children’s small toys and games that can be used by your puppy as a chew toy
  • Put away knick-knacks until your kitten has the coordination not to knock them over
  • Check all those places where your vacuum cleaner doesn’t fit, but your puppy or kitten does, for dangerous items, like string
  • Move common house plants that may be poisonous out of reach. Don’t forget hanging plants that can be jumped onto from nearby surfaces


  • Move all chemicals to high shelves or behind secure doors
  • Clean all antifreeze from the floor and driveway, as one taste can be lethal to animals
  • Bang on your car hood to ensure that your kitten (or any neighborhood cat) has not hidden in the engine for warmth
  • Keep all sharp objects and tools out of reach


  • Keep laundry and shoes behind closed doors (drawstrings and buttons can cause major problems if swallowed)
  • Keep any medications, lotions, or cosmetics off accessible surfaces (like the bedside table)
  • Move electrical and phone wires out of reach of chewing
  • Be careful that you don’t close your kitten in closets or dresser drawers

And look out for paws, noses, and tails when you shut doors behind you or scoot chairs.

The Grant Builders (Rick and Shane) were excellent. They walked through the entire home and was not distracted by the ringing phones and text messaging. Any issue they found they followed up and explained it. They were very detailed in their walkthrough.