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Roof Ridge Vents: Efficient and Effective

July 25, 2019

     Here in the hot and humid South, proper ventilation in our homes is very important.    That’s why most Grant homes include roof ridge vents.

     Roof ridge vents help to effectively prolong and protect a homeowner's roof from common culprits within the home, including moisture and heat.  The problem with traditional roofing is that once the outside air goes into the areas under the roof, it has no way to escape. Roof ridge vents allow the outside air that enters to escape out the top of the roof, preventing damage such as premature aging and cracking to the roof and the unconditioned area beneath the roof. 

     Normal, everyday activities within your home such as running your clothes washer, using your dishwasher and taking showers release moisture in your home. Moisture is one of the leading causes of damage to rafters, shingles, walls and insulation within homes. Roof ridge vents help to release not only heat but also moisture from homes, which is especially useful during the winter when moisture has a greater impact. 

With the help of wind, a ventilation system is created beneath the roof with a ridge vent. As wind passes over the roof ridge vent, it draws air out of the home. Fresh air is then drawn into the underside of the vent, creating a circulation system of fresh air. 

     Besides being functional and efficient, roof vents provide a sleek look that blends in well with the other shingles on the roof.   

     Roof ridge vents offer a very simple and effective technology that many homeowners are unaware of.  We would love the opportunity to tell you about this efficient method of ventilation as well as the many other ways that Grant & Co. has to save you money, time and energy in your new home.  

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