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Hardwood or Luxury Vinyl Flooring - Which is Better?

April 29, 2021

You have chosen the perfect floorplan for your family and you are heading to the Grant Design Studio to make your personal selections for your new home.  Your flooring is a big part of what will make your new home comfortable and uniquely yours.

You have decided that in the main living areas of your home, you will choose either Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVF) or Hardwood.  Both are flooring options that add a touch of elegance to any room, but which is best for you?

While LVF and hardwoods look similar, there are benefits and drawbacks to each flooring type. Whether you have pets and kids and want the most durable flooring or you’re on a tighter budget and want the most cost-efficient option, we can break down the pros and cons to find the best flooring for your home.


Many parents with kids and pet owners love the look of hardwoods, but kid’s play, pet claws, and heavy traffic is a concern. After all, who wants to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on flooring that’s going to be easily ruined? This is why durability is such a big factor when comparing LVF to hardwood.

Scratches aren’t a concern with vinyl flooring. However, LVF isn’t completely immune to damage. Because it is created using soft vinyl, this flooring can tear. Though it isn’t a common occurrence with everyday use, dropping something hard or sharp or dragging furniture or other heavy items can result in rips.

On the other hand, pets can easily scratch hardwood flooring.  Moving furniture, dropping something heavy, sharp objects – these can damage hardwood. 

However, the true durability of hardwoods depends upon the species of wood you select. For example, common hardwood flooring like oak, maple, and cherry are popular because they are more durable. While exotic woods are beautiful and unique, they aren’t as hard and can be more vulnerable to damage.

Even though people can scratch or damage it, hardwood flooring is overall the most durable. However, homeowners who have children or pets or don’t want to worry about the maintenance and care of floors over the years may be better with LVF flooring.


One of the best things about the LVF is that you can get it wet without fear of damage. Luxury Vinyl Flooring is completely waterproof, making it a great choice for any room. LVF can easily be used in kitchens and bathrooms where floors may get wet from the bathtub or washing the dishes. LVF will not get damaged with spills from the kids or from wet-mopping the floors. Unlike other types of hard flooring, you won’t buckle, warp, or ruin LVF with water or other liquids.

On the other hand, hardwood flooring will be damaged if exposed to water.You can never use wet mops, and any spills must be wiped up promptly. 


One of the reasons that LVF is growing in popularity is because there are so many different styles that mimic the look of hardwoods. From cherry to oak or even exotic cedars, manufacturers are introducing new vinyl flooring products that look more realistic than ever.

Though both have a wide variety of choices, hardwood has the edge over vinyl when it comes to colors and styles. With so many wood species to choose from, many different sizes, hardwoods are the most versatile when compared to LVF.


LVF is a great choice for anyone looking for a lower maintenance home that can be cleaned with a broom, sweeper or vacuum cleaner and a wet mop.  Be aware that LVF can fade when exposed to direct sunlight, so it is important to use rugs in very sunny areas or to use shades and blinds.  Click here to go to a great website - Household Advice - to get tips for cleaning LVF flooring.

Hardwood flooring has several special considerations. It cannot get wet; therefore, spills need to be immediately wiped up.  Daily cleaning can be done with a broom or dust mop or a vacuum cleaner designed for use on hardwood flooring.   Click here for a great article from Better Homes & Gardens on the best way to care for your new hardwood floors. 

Overall, LVF is the easiest to care for on a daily basis. However, for the long term, hardwood will be beautiful for many years with proper care and maintenance. 


LVF and hardwood floors both have their own benefits and issues. LVF is especially good for families with small children and pets and they come in a big variety of colors and patterns. Hardwood floors are also extremely durable and, if cared for properly, can last for many years. 


Obviously, there are pros and cons to both types of flooring.  Truly, the decision between LVF and hardwood is a personal choice based on your family’s lifestyle and design tastes.  We are pleased to be able to offer a wide variety of hardwoods and LVF flooring that is sure to fit your needs and your pocketbook.  Our Design Studio Consultants have been specially trained to show you the benefits of both types of flooring as well as carpet and tile.  The decision is yours, but we are always here to help!

Whenever there has been a problem Grant and Co. has been on point. We have been very satisfied and happy with our experience.