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Every Home Goes Through the Ugly Duckling Period - Even Yours

March 4, 2021

Building a new home is a BIG MESS!  There is just no way around it, no matter what neighborhood you are building in, what plan you choose or what stage of construction your house is in---there is always a residual mess created by the process.

There.  We said it.  It is a fact:  Construction is messy!  Every home goes through an ugly duckling period. Every. Single. One.

You can be guaranteed to see miscellaneous off-cuts of lumber, wind blown siding, and random bits of construction trash at some point during the construction of your new home. Your lawn will look like a minefield before the final grade is done.  Inside the home under construction will be boxes of stuff, rolls of carpet, leftover materials and, possibly, trash left from a messy subcontractor. At Grant, we are committed to keeping the construction site as tidy as possible, but it is an ongoing chore.  Much like cleaning up after your kids!  Our trades and subcontractors are moving in and out of the home on a daily basis and a lot of the tasks they perform leave debris behind.

And, when even when your home is cleaned the first time after construction is complete, you may still see sheetrock dust on surfaces as your new home settles.  

But, rest assured, you will not move into your new home with that trash pile in the yard or the garage full of leftover construction material.  The most important thing to remember is this:  At the end of the day, we are on your team and we will make sure that our job site is transformed into your beautiful new home!

So, when you visit your jobsite, rest assured that the mess you see is normal with new construction. When all is said and done and moving day is here, your new home will be clean and ready for your family.

We ask that you be patient with the construction process. In the end, you will get a home you love with all new materials, appliances, and design.  It is a process and we are excited to work through this process with you! 

The Grant Builders (Rick and Shane) were excellent. They walked through the entire home and was not distracted by the ringing phones and text messaging. Any issue they found they followed up and explained it. They were very detailed in their walkthrough.