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Do Your Homework Before You Choose Your Homebuilder

April 22, 2020

When you are considering the purchase of a brand-new home, it is important to ask the right questions of your home builder.  Especially during this time, a lot of your communication with your sales representative may be over the phone or online.  Take the time to get to know your home builder.  Besides information about the home you are interested in, here are some other important questions to consider asking.

  1. How long have you been in business?
    Building high-quality, durable homes that cater to your unique lifestyle needs is a hard-earned skill built up through time and experience. Before signing a purchase agreement, do your research on how long they’ve been in business—and how successfully. Make sure you are dealing with a company that has been around and will be around for years to come.
  2. How are you catering to homebuyers during this Corona crisis?
    A lot of home builders are closed during this time.  But people need homes and the home building industry has been deemed an essential industry nationwide.  There are plenty of ways to communication, educate, and demonstrate new homes without putting anyone in harm’s way.  Find out how the sales representative and builder will communicate with you.
  3. May I select from a variety of design options, such as kitchen cabinetry or tile styles?
    A good new home builder knows that buyers want quality standard features that don’t need to be upgraded, while also desiring the freedom to personalize key items. Find out what level of personalization is offered. Don’t assume all builders provide the same choices. They don’t!
  4. Do you offer quick move-in and to-be-built homes?
    Seek out a builder with an attractive range of options that works with your moving timeline.  Many builders do not offer homes under construction or completed homes.  
  5. Do you offer energy-efficient features?
    Not only will energy-efficiency be one of the biggest potential cost-savers in homeownership, but it’s also one of the great perks of buying new. Investigating a builder’s energy-efficient offerings is vital before making a commitment.  Be sure to check appliances!
  6. What is your warranty policy?
    One sure way of knowing whether a builder is truly dedicated to your satisfaction is to find out how their warranty program works.  Ask lots of questions and make sure you understand what is covered.
  7. How long will it take to build my new home?
    If you have a certain move-in timeline in mind, this question is probably one of the first you’ll ask. If you’re on a short timeline, consider the advantages of purchasing a new home that is already under construction or even complete and ready for move-in.   Selecting a plan and homesite is also a wonderful option if selecting personal colors and styles is important to you.  Make sure you are given an estimated closing date on your purchase agreement!
  8. After I move in, is there a way that I will be able to express my feelings and concerns about my experience?
    Choosing a builder that seeks a continuous relationship with customers is a reassuring sign that you’re in good hands. Ask if the builder is participating in “during construction” or “after closing” surveys by an independent survey company.  If the builder wants to understand their home buyers’ needs and issues, the home builder should be seeking out opinions from their homebuyers and monitoring their performances and the buyers’ experiences.

Doing your homework in the beginning of your home buying journey will help you establish a good relationship with a trusted builder, freeing you to enjoy the home buying process for what it should be—a wonderful and gratifying life milestone. 

Amber was very pleasant and her knowledge level was above excellent. She knows the details and all of the ins and outs of the homes she sells.. She kept us in the loop and even when she was unsure, she was persistent in her follow up and check ins. Loved her!